Our granddaughter has been at Children's House of Montessori for a year and a half and LOVES it. Within the first couple of months she told us all about the planets in the solar system, knew most of the continents on a world map, learned the Pledge of Allegiance and could point to many states on a map of the US, as well as recognize letters and learning to count to 100. We think she has gained confidence and developed a love and curiosity for learning. She is so fortunate to have had Miss Megan for her first teacher and we are looking forward to her younger brother having the same advantage!

Our daughter has been at Children's House of Montessori for 8 months now. It is such an amazing thing to observe her growing. We are especially noticing her increasing love for reading. We see her making letter sounds and trying to sound out words at home now. We are excited for reading to open up doors and opportunities for her to learn more and continue to grow. We are thankful every day for the hard working and dedicated teachers at Children's House of Montessori.

We enrolled our son in The Children’s House of Montessori when he was first eligible at 2.5 years old. Our son, who at the time was the youngest in the class, has absolutely thrived in the environment that Ms. Megan has fostered, and we cannot wait to have our daughter join when she is old enough. We truly believe that the mixed-age classroom, diversity of the student body, and Montessori concepts of independent learning, self-directed work, and collaboration, provide the best educational option for our children. We highly recommend The Children’s House of Montessori to any parent looking to provide a strong foundation for their children, which will likely serve them a lifetime.

Children's House of Montessori is Marshfield's best kept secret. The care provided is absolutely phenomenal. Our son has fun and is continually being challenged. Megan does a great job of identifying the unique interests of each child and then develops activities based on those interests. We highly recommend.